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Managing Partner (Product & Technology)

London, United Kingdom


Role Description

The role of Managing Partner (Product & Technology) is to lead/support technology focused sales, product/solutions development, and client facing marketing technology strategy. The ideal candidate will have a track record in supporting software and consultancy sales, demonstrating exceptional ability in creating and executing technology strategies, and a passion for developing innovative solutions and products that deliver business value in a marketing context. This role requires a unique combination of deep technical expertise, strategic vision, leadership qualities, and a client-centric approach, all aimed at leveraging a “One Google” approach for Clients using GC and GMP together to revolutionize marketing performance and create impactful customer experiences.

Required Experience & Skills

Established Relationships: Within the Google Cloud partner ecosystem and a track record of leveraging these for generating revenue.

Technical Sales and Consultancy: Demonstrated ability in consultancy led selling and technical sales, with the capability to articulate the value proposition of technology solutions to non-technical stakeholders. Experience in consulting, solution design, and implementation strategies.

Client Relationship Management: Exceptional skills in building and maintaining strong client relationships. Ability to understand client needs, communicate effectively, and deliver solutions that meet those needs.

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