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Operations Consultant

London, United Kingdom


Role Description

The ideal candidate will have extensive GMP experience (specifically across CM and DV360), very strong analytical, and writing skills, and the ability to make clear, concise presentations.  They will have extensive hands of experience using GMP products and will be individually certified in the use of CM and DV360 and other relevant GMP technologies. Most importantly, they must possess a strong inner drive to redesign the digital marketing landscape, enjoy working with some of the finest minds in the industry, and want to be a part of something truly unique.

Required Experience & Skills

Experience working for a fully certified GMP Op-Co and Sales Partner.

Be an expert in advertising technologies such as DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, DMPs, Ad servers, Ad exchanges, verification technologies, cross-device tracking technologies, website analytics systems, DCO, etc.

Be capable of inventing and architecting complex technological solutions to solve specific marketing challenges.

Ability to lead projects independently from start to finish, working with internal and external teams to make decisions and maintain forward momentum 

Participate in new business meetings / pitches as subject matter expert representing relevant uses of GMP/GCP in marketing programs.

Possesses a charismatic, engaging personality and can successfully interact with senior/executive level client contacts

Experience with delivering complex technical content to large groups, in a coherent, accessible,and inspiring way

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