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Accelerating Marketing Platform Performance

Harnessing the power of data and Google Technology

so your business can excel in the Platform World


PM Dragonfly can help you...

  • Have more control over your data
  • Streamline your marketing technology
  • Scale marketing automation
  • Make data-led business decisions
  • Make your marketing budget go further
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Identify new potential customers

GMP + GCP = Better Together

By streamlining platforms and seamlessly integrating data your business can maximise marketing effectiveness and business efficiency

  • Plan, buy, measure and optimise your digital media for business growth

  • Deliver better customer experience at every touchpoint

  • Deliver ads to the right people through intelligence and automation

  • Consolidate data from everywhere – your CMS, emails, sales, website, app and more

  • Understand the customer journey from end-to-end

  • Predict outcomes of marketing, optimise and personalise for maximum results

Our certified team of Google Marketing and Cloud experts will enable & empower your business success in the Google ecosystem & Platform World


Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no one size fits all. Our team will provide you with the ability to tailor tech infrastructure to the shape of your specific business needs, integrating data sets and streamlining platforms, maximising performance, and making your budgets go further. 


Our team of certified GMP and GCP experts provide industry-leading guidance and optimisation to ensure platform interoperability, data harmonisation and marketing maturity advancement. Our proprietary approach will accelerate your marketing transformation and business ROI.


Data security and privacy is a key concern for everyone, including your customers. Our team of data experts ensure maximum data integrity, enabling transparent, privacy by design, consented customer experiences and advanced analytics supporting precise digital marketing.

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This is a fun, friendly, and dynamic environment to work in. We are self-motivated, collaborative, and curious bunch.
If you like embracing change and pushing the envelope of what is possible, we'll probably get on really well
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London, United Kingdom


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